Plants and mood

Playlists. They are almost like looking into someones high school diary. Well, here is what I have been walking around the house listening to while tending to my plant babies. Plants and music are a great combination. Say what you want about the state of hip hop, but when my 5 year old had a recent grievance she did say we were "killing her vibe" which was amazing. Therefore, I think a little bit of everything is good for the soul.

Stevie is queen. kendrick is king. bowie is god.

Even without music, plants are really mood boosting. They enhance creativity and make the air we breath healthier.

Research backs up the fact that plants enhance our mood. An older, but relevant article found on Psychology Today noted that plants assist with the following:


Plants can also combat winter depression. See more here!

If you don't have time to sort through the associated articles you should take away that plants in your bedroom are a really good idea! Sansevieria aka snake plant or mother-in-laws tongue is an easy beginner plant, low maintenance and actually releases oxygen at night. 

Plants love to be in groups of more than one. Adding them to your entryway is a nice way to create a welcoming space with naturally purified air!