Plants and kids

The winter tends to wear on me pretty quickly after the holidays. I miss fresh air, open windows and the perennials in our front yard. The flu hit our house recently and to boost our moods, and get away from Netflix, we sowed some herbs. I had a few packages lying around and the girls selected peppermint and chives. This activity is really cheap and helps kids get connected to how our food grows. Every night they have to check out if the seeds have germinated yet. After they sprout and reach a couple inches we will remove from the germinating mat and place in a really sunny spot to promote continued growth. 

You don't NEED a germinating mat, but with cooler winter temperatures it gives germination an edge. It's not hot to the touch, but about 75 degrees consistently. This is one accessory I think is a good investment. You can choose on top of a warm appliance as a substitute.  As far as the germination stations and trays you see at hardware stores you can easily find things in your house that you can start your seeds in. Covering with plastic helps speed up the process, avoid germination failure and keeps moisture in. Start saving the following items around your house to get your own seed sowing going:

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